Our portfolio is characterized by committed investment in a healthy mix of organic growth and targeted acquisitions. In times of significant fluctuations and change in the global economy we aim for a sound equity ratio rate as a trustworthy basis to work from. This principle not only ensures the constant attribution of adequate resources for our entrepreneurial dynamism and ambition, it also enables our teams to deliver on a long-term vision, which is more important to us than quarterly earnings.


Farkas Group is a leading family office specialised in the sale and rental of premium residential property, commercial real estate, residences and provide active investments throughout the world.

The Group has a presence in more than 20 countries. It ranks highly in its three core activities:
Real Estate, Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking.

Other business segments extend into the following areas:

Resource extraction

Building contractor

In World, the Group has four domestic markets (Germany, Istanbul, Dubai and Hong Kong).

Business Segments


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Farkas Group HQ – Germany
Bahnhofstraße 9
04758 Oschatz
T: +49 3435 98 86 23
F: +49 3435 98 86 28
E: office@farkas-group.com
Farkas Group TR – Istanbul
coming soon
E: office.tr@farkas-group.com
Farkas Group UAE – Dubai
coming soon
E: office.uae@farkas-group.com
Farkas Group CN – Hong Kong
14 / F., ChunWo Commercial Centre
25 WingWo Street, Central Hong Kong
T: +85 2955 96 98 0
F: +85 2955 96 98 1
E: office.cn@farkas-group.com